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April 15, 2021
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President's Blog Aug 29, 2016
Never too late...I guess
by Paul Hahs

Well, here it is nearly at the end of August and I am just now finding time to reach out to all of you. I apologize for the delay, but sometimes life just gets in its own way!  We had our stated meeting on August 9th, and have set up several committees to better serve you as our membership. The committees and their respective chairpersons are posted on the website, but I’m going to post them below as well, just to make it a little easier.

By-Law Committee Chair: Michael Traylor  - michael.traylor@ - Our By-Law Committee is charged with reviewing and re-writing the by-laws for our Association, and to ensure that we are in compliance with all legal requirements of our charter.

General Fundraiser Committee:   Chair: Kevin Ray - kevin.ray@ - The General Fundraiser Committee is led by Kevin Ray, and is responsible for all fundraisers sponsored and initiated by MCLEA.

Meeting Committee Chair: Donald Golsby - donald.golsby@ – The Meeting Committee is responsible for setting up and tearing down the room for our general meetings each quarter.

Membership Committee Chair: Benita Flowers - - The Membership Committee is tasked with recruiting new members into the Association, as well as membership drives at various events.

Salary Committee Chair: Bradley Curtis - -  Our Salary Committee is responsible for Salary Surveys and providing the Officers and Board of Directors with the necessary information to work on the salaries for our membership, both certified and civilian.

Scholarship Review Committee Chair: Angelica Galczynski - angelica.galczynski@ – MCLEA offers a scholarship to Cadets at the MCSO Academy to help reimburse part of their tuition.  This committee is tasked with reviewing the applications for that scholarship and ensuring the money goes to the most worthy candidate.

Social Media Committee Chair: Tori Lowe - - This committee is responsible for all Facebook and other social media posts put out by the President and Vice-President. Ms. Lowe makes sure that everything properly represents the values and core of MCLEA.

If you would like to volunteer for a committee, or need to contact one of the chairpersons, please use the email account first. If for some reason you can’t reach them there, use their county email to let them know you would like to speak to them. 

In addition to the formation of the Committees, we discussed ways to build membership. In that vein, I would love to hear from our Membership on what you think would help us grow. If you have ideas and would like to share them with us, you can either post them to the website via the “contact us” button, or email me directly. This Association is about you, the members, not the President, Board of Directors, or Committees. All of us involved volunteered for these positions to make a difference in our County Law Enforcement Officer’s lives, and we welcome your involvement. Even if your involvement doesn’t go beyond emailed ideas, it’s a start. We welcome all of our members to the meetings, and would love to see each and every one of you there November 1st.

Speaking of November 1st, don’t forget that is the deadline for submitting your ideas for the new MCLEA logo! I have only received ideas from two members and would really like to see more. There are many creative minds throughout our membership, and we welcome your input.

Stay safe, and watch your Six, 

Paul Hahs, MCLEA President.

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