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CLEAT Retiree Association (CRA)
Updated On: Jun 173, 2016

I received the following from Retired Austin PD Officer Randy Malone with the CLEAT Retiree Association. Please pass it on to our retired Brothers and Sisters.

Paul Hahs, MCLEA President


Dear Association,

You may already be aware that CLEAT has started a Retiree Association for retired officers and other classes of retired law enforcement employees.

We are asking for your help in contacting any retired, or soon to be retired members, to let them know about the CLEAT Retiree Association (CRA) and the benefits of being a member.

If your department has a retiree group, that meets from time to time, or you or your department has a list of retirees, with address or email information, please forward it to us. However, if all you can send is a list of retiree names, please send that. We will do the rest. If that information cannot be obtained, please forward this letter to any retirees you know.

The CRA allows your retirees to keep many of the benefits that they had with CLEAT for less than half the cost of a full CLEAT membership. The cost is $14.50 per month or $150 if you pay annually. (A savings of $24)

Many retirees still carry their weapon and need the legal protection, like they had when they were a CLEAT member. Also, the will and probate services are worth the cost of membership alone.

Some of the benefits include:


Critical Incident

Legal consultation and coverage is provided on-scene, through grand jury and trial if necessary. Civil representation is also included if needed. Specific details of the legal coverage can be found on the CLEAT website at this link.

Wills and Probate

Will preparation, execution and probate are provided by CLEAT Attorneys. Probate of wills are provided to the member and spouse. If the member dies first, the spouse’s will is probated up to five years after the member dies.


As a member you are covered with a $1,000 Basic Life Insurance Policy by The Standard Insurance Company.


Dental and Vision coverage are available, for CRA members, through the CLEAT Retiree Benefit Plan at group rates. Information on premium costs and coverage is available on the CLEAT website at:

The plan also includes an AD&D insurance policy as part of the coverage. The plan summary is available at:


Members can use the services of Alexander Financial Management for retirement planning and investment advice. Steve Alexander, a former police officer and CLEAT member, can assist you with sound, safe investments to guard your income, throughout your retirement years, for you and your family.


Grandchildren of CRA members are also eligible to apply for college scholarship money that is awarded each year, by the Peace Officers Memorial Foundation.


A $500 Ford new vehicle discount is available through our affiliation with the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO).

A room rate discount is available at La Quinta Inns & Suites.

Insurance discounts are available through California Casualty Insurance Co.

These and other discount information is available on the CLEAT website at:

All members of the CRA Board are retired law enforcement officers. If you have any questions, please contact us or go to and click on the Retiree Association link on the right side of the page.

If you can provide contact information on your retirees, please send it to Randy Malone at or mail it to CLEAT Retiree Association, ATTN: Carol Whitfield, 400 West 14th Street, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78701.

Thank you.

Michael Giarraputo, President, Mesquite PD Ret.,

Bill Banfield, Vice President, San Antonio PD Ret.,

Pete Elizalde, Secretary, San Antonio PD Ret.,

Montgomery County Law Enforcement Assn.
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